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 Latest news

​An interview on unlimited professional opportunities with Julija Shershneva, a newly promoted Head of BPO at Rödl & Partner Lithuania. Read more »
The 23rd Forum Global – one of the major foreign trade events in Germany – welcomed to Nuremberg a number of Rödl & Partner clients and colleagues from all over the globe. Almost 30 expert presentations, 4 discussions pannels, theme and regional fairs have been introduced to the audience. Tobias Kohler, Partner and the Head of offices Lithuania and Belarus, has taken a slot on the changes in foreign trade in terms of existing sanctions against Russia and Belarus. Meanwhile, Associate Partner Michael Manke has presented the topic “Specialists from abroad - opportunities and stumbling blocks.” Read more »
​CSR INITIATIVE | "Let‘s be together 2022" – one of the biggest volunteering events in Lithuania – brought together 160 less fortunate kids from a number of Lithuanian foster homes as well as children from Ukraine to spend an unforgettable day of their lives. Rödl & Partner Lithuania, as a co-organizer of the event, was honored to be a part of this meaningful initiative. Read more »
​NEW ARTICLE | Lithuania's decision to abandon natural gas supplies from Russia was not the only step taken to strengthen the country's energy security and independence. At the same time, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania presented a package of legislative amendments with a focus on acceleration and stimulation of the development and expansion of green energy through major reforms in Lithuania's electricity sector. Liudgardas Maculevičius and Laima Nevarauskaitė introduce with the most relevant aspects related to the Breakthrough package. Read more »
​NEW PARTNERSHIP | Rödl & Partner and SELAND-ORWALL join forces in Norway. Read more »
​PUBLICATION | Rödl & Partner's international transfer pricing group has launched a bilingual overview of 62 countries, including the Baltic States, which introduces with relevant information on TP documentation requirements and deadlines. Read more »
​EXPERT INSIGHTS | Seeking to reduce illegal construction work, the Parliament of Lithuania adopted a set of amendments to the Construction and related laws and established a new instrument − the Transparent Worker Identification Code. Assistant attorney-at-law Laima Nevarauskaitė advises on how to properly get ready for the identification of persons working on the construction site and overviews the sanctions to be expected for the non-compliance with the new requirements. Read more »
​EXPERT ADVISORY | As of 28 May 2022, the provisions of the Omnibus Directive and its’ incorporation into the national law will apply. Thus, it is important to be aware of the main rules of the Omnibus Directive and the penalties for non-compliance with its’ provisions. Ignė Rėklaitytė – Grybienė, Senior lawyer, overviews the new regulatory rules and provides recommendations for businesses on how to properly implement the requirements of the Omnibus Directive. Read more »
​PUBLICATION | A newsletter “JANGIS − the subsystem of ultimate beneficial owners” has been introduced by our legal experts Eglė Pinaitė and Ignė Rėklaitytė-Grybienė. The publication focuses on the introduction of JANGIS subsystem, the main stages for information submission, a definition of ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) as well as the liability issues. Read more »
CHECKLIST |  Our legal team at Rödl & Partner Lithuania has prepared a checklist for actions regarding the current sanctions, which is supposed to walk you step by step through a sanctions check of your business partners. You may download the Checklist in English and German. Read more »
The Lithuanian commercial register has implemented a newly developed subsystem – JANGIS − collecting data on the beneficiaries of legal entities. Attorney-at-law Liudgardas Maculevičius overviewed the most significant points to be taken into account by individuals and managers of legal entities. Read more »
​In recent days, the European Union has imposed new sanctions against Russia on an almost daily basis at an unprecedented pace. What do companies need to bear in mind now? Read more »
​SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS | Rödl & Partner Lithuania provided legal advisory services to the German capital company Nokera Sourcing LT. Read more »
​THE BALTIC TAX TABLE 2022 | Our tax experts in the Baltics introduced a summary of the main taxes in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. More »
​THE LITHUANIAN BUSINESS FORUM 2022 | Associate Partner Eglė Pinaitė has presented at one of the major event for business representatives, professionals and experts in the country. Eglė's presentation covered the topics of the Great resignation and the Great e-learning, as one of the major global changes in the labour market.
​As of 1 May 2022, a new version of the Financial accounting law enters into force in Lithuania. Julija Shershneva, Deputy Head of BPO department, overviews major alterations in an article „New Financial accounting law. What major changes lie ahead.” Read more »
​5 years work anniversary | Evelina Narkevičiūtė: Time flies if you are having fun in everything you do. Read more »
​Why Rödl & Partner? | Sometimes our career path unexpectedly changes its‘ regular direction by bringing us to thrilling professional adventures. Marcus Brinck, Attorney-at-law at Rödl & Partner Lithuania, shares his own impressions about a smooth start of his legal career after relocating from Germany to Lithuania. Read more »

 About us

Rödl & Partner – The agile caring partner for Mittelstand shaped world market leaders

As attorneys, tax advisers, management and IT consultants and auditors, we are present with 107 own offices in 50 countries. Worldwide, our clients trust our 5,260 colleagues.
Rödl & Partner was founded in 1977 in southern Germany and has grown into 107 offices in 50 countries. ​The office in Vilnius, Lithuania was established in 1998. Starting from a small group of professionals, the Lithuanian office has been expanding consistently. Currently over 30 highly experienced experts serve local and international clients in audit, accounting, legal, tax and business advisory fields. More »

Rödl & Partner Factbook

Our factbook informs you about the roots, beliefs and goals of Rödl & Partner. We will take you on a journey inside our firm and tell you where we come from, how we think and feel and how we see the future. More »


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​One of our strategic goals is to assist entities in the processes and procedures of successful growth and expansion. Rödl & Partner is always beside its clients, where they see the potential for their business engagement.

Our corporate approach is to offer professional advisory services and provide our clients with a full range of support during the implementation process.


Our experts provide audit, accounting, tax, legal and business consulting services for local and international businesses. The majority of our clients are privately held, frequently family-owned companies with substantial international investments. 

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