Why Rödl & Partner?



Rödl & Partner is a success driven firm made up of people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences who are dedicated about their work.


Working in an international arena has its challenges - different languages, different laws and regulations, and different cultures. Achieve Together isn’t just our tagline. By working together, we gain more insight to challenges and bring collective solutions to the people we serve.


There are many reasons to choose Rödl & Partner:


Our corporate culture

As a family-oriented company, we are committed to a culture of interaction that is underpinned by interpersonal relationships. Short decision-making paths, direct contact regardless of the responsibility and career levels and leadership continuity are the values we live up to in our day-to-day work. More »


Interpersonal relationship

The client, the employee and the human factor are the three cornerstones and the everyday reference point of our corporate culture. Those values are combined in the human factor model. More »


Unique education programme Campus

A person who wants to advise clients needs to have, apart from excellent professional skills, a number of methodological, social and personal skills. The most important learning module to develop such skills is the „Training on the Job“. This learning experience can be complemented with relevant training sessions offered by the Rödl & Partner Campus. More »


Interdisciplinary approach

Globally active family businesses are facing many challenges today. We assist their development by offering a variety of sophisticated services. Whenever a project involves collaboration between multiple business lines to ensure our clients the best possible result, our experts are in their element – from the very beginning! More »


Socially responsible company

As an international firm, we feel great responsibility resting upon us as accountants, auditors, attorneys at law, management and tax consultants, as well as actors within our society. Living up to this responsibility, we actively support one-off and long-term aid projects of national and international nature. More »


Work-life balance

We are aware that family life is of key importance for a successful career and that creativity, imagination, flexibility, the ability to work efficiently and career motivation are directly influenced by private factors. Taking numerous well-coordinated measures, we never cease to do our best to achieve a flexible and family-friendly work environment. More »


Come and join us at Rödl & Partner in Lithuania! Enjoy an amazing career with true impact on those we serve!


Time to time our career paths unexpectedly change their regular direction by offering some sort of professional surprises. After two years break, our former colleague Deimantė Maigytė has rejoined Rödl & Partner Lithuania as an in-house lawyer. 

This is a great example showing that motivated and inquisitive professionals always find open arms for them here at Rödl & Partner. Deimante kindly shares recent impressions on her rejoining and overviews the reasons of her return. Read more »
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