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Our clients see Rödl & Partner as a reliable partner for audit, legal, tax consulting as well as accounting (BPO) and interdisciplinary services.


Our “Caretaker” (Kümmerer) approach sets us apart from the rest of advisors. Our clients have a designated contact person who ensures that the complete range of Rödl & Partner services is optimally employed to the client’s benefit. The Caretaker’s principle is common for all Rödl & Partner offices worldwide. Thus, Lithuania is not an exception. Your “Caring partner” at Rödl & Partner Lithuania is always close at hand. He or she is naturally also the main contact person in critical and complex situations. 

Additionally, we also stand out through our corporate philosophy and client care, which is based on mutual trust and long-term orientation. By using our multidisciplinary skills we are eager to guarantee our clients a special added value from the seamless combination of the services we provide. This eliminates the need for our clients to coordinate a number of service providers at the same time and manage different communication interfaces within their firm.

One-stop-shop concept at Rödl & Partner Lithuania is based on a balance of expertise across the individual service lines, combining them seamlessly in multidisciplinary teams. Our clients benefit from our comprehensive range of services from a single source. This is particularly useful when projects involve different service lines in a number of countries.


The pandemic brought various difficulties to our clients and ourselves. However, this extraordinary situation made our team more unified and focused on a new reality. We concentrated on our clients‘ challenges by helping them to adapt a new normal.


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Tobias Kohler

Attorney at Law


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