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Presence in media


 The European Commission prohibits usage of aloe extracts in food



In March, the European Commission is scheduled to publish a regulation prohibiting the usage of aloe extracts in foods. In the article Dr. Jelena Lysovienė overviews this significant change and reminds to take care of the adaptation of the formulation of products accordingly. Read more »

 The difference between "Use by" and "Best before"



Dr. Jelena Lysovienė, Life sciences expert, overviews the recommendations issued by the European Food Safety Authority in order to help food business operators decide when to apply the ‘use by’ or ‘best before’ date to their products. Read more »

 Placement of pharmaceuticals in the Baltics: Overview of practical and cost efficiency solutions



There are favourable conditions in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, enabling pharmaceutical companies to introduce their medicinal products. Moreover, the administrative procedures are rather fast and efficient, emphasize Dr. Jelena Lysovienė, Matīss Jākobsons and Dana Ihsanova - pharmaceutical law experts at Rödl & Partner Baltics - in an article about placement of pharmaceuticals in the Baltics. Read more »

 Lithuania and the Baltic region are turning to offshore wind energy

​delfi.lt | 6-11-2020


The major strategic goals of Lithuania are to increase production of local electricity and reduce its‘ dependence on import, as well as to promote renewable energy by achieving these purposes in the most efficient way. It is the offshore wind that makes it possible to achieve the aforementioned goals through an open and transparent tender, comments the Head of Renewable energy practice group, attorney-at-law Liudgardas Maculevičius.

In general, very favorable prospects have been forecasted for offshore wind energy, and Lithuania has got excellent opportunities for further development of this source. The Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania has started considering draft amendments to respective laws, prepared by the Ministry of Energy. On the basis of the latter draft amendments, the appropriate conditions would be settled for the development of wind energy in the Baltic Sea, adds L. Maculevičius. Read more »

 Insights on STI plans to inspect luxurious cars acquired from company funds

​vz.lt | 10-03-2020


State tax inspectorate (STI) notes that the satisfaction of personal needs by using company funds is still obvious in Lithuania.


As regards to this fact, STI is planning to inspect luxurious cars acquired from company funds. Mantas Mališauskas, Internal Tax Leader, provided his insights on this topic in a business portal Verslo žinios. Read more »

 New Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745 coming into force. Legislation changes or challenges?

​delfi.lt | 20-02-2020


Manufacturers, authorised representatives, importers and distributors are actively preparing for the most recent EU Regulation on Medical Devices (MDR) 2017/745, coming into force on 26 May 2020, overviews Dr. Jelena Lysovienė, Life sciences expert at Rödl & Partner Lithuania.

The new Regulation will help the EU medical devices industry to maintain and further expand its leadership and strengthen an important role on the global scale, by making it more competitive and more solid in a complex global environment, continues J. Lysovienė. Read more » 

 The solar energy bubble returned to Lithuania again

​delfi.lt | 21-01-2020


The year 2020 will be a very exciting one for the renewable energy sector in Lithuania. In mid-January the winners of the first 0,3 TWh yearly feed-in quota auction will be announced, says Liudgardas Maculevičius, attorney-at-law and the Head of Renewable energy practice group.


The preliminary results show, that there are 3 bidders, who offer to produce renewable electricity with 0 Eur/MWh state subsidy, which is revolutionary, adds L. Maculevičius. Read more » 

 Debts to STI might be paid from the overpayments of Sodra

vz.lt | ​19-02-2020


The Ministry of Finance in Lithuania considers a possibility to allow the overpayments of taxes administered by State Tax Inspectorate (STI) to be offset against Sodra contributions and, vice versa, to equalize overpayments in Sodra with tax debts supervised by STI.


Tax expert Mantas Mališauskas highlights the pros and cons of the proposed amendment in business portal Verslo žinios. Read more » 

 The application of the VAT threshold in Lithuania

​vz.lt | 26-01-2020


The Council of the European Union has proposed to change the VAT threshold for small businesses to be registered as VAT payers. Such an initiative also encourages to review the application of the VAT threshold in Lithuania.


Mantas Mališauskas, Internal Tax Division Leader, provides his insights on this topic in business newspaper and portal Verslo žinios. Read more »

 The latest tax changes and challenges 2020

​bznstart.lt | 03-01-2020


Mantas Mališauskas, the Head of Internal tax division, provides his insights on the latest tax changes and challenges to be faced by local businesses within 2020. Read more »

 Which major changes in e-commerce VAT taxation are still ahead?

​vz.lt | 09-12-2019

delfi.lt | 09-12-2019


At the beginning of 2021 new regulations affecting e-commerce businesses enter into force in the EU. Which major changes in e-commerce VAT taxation are still ahead? Tax expert Mantas Mališauskas provides his insights in Verslo žinios and Delfi. Read more here » and here »

 What remuneration changes are still ahead?

​vz.lt | 13-11-2019


Mantas Mališauskas, Head of Internal Tax Division,  commented upcoming remuneration changes for 2020, impacted by an increase of tax exempt income. Read more » 


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