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In general, we perceive tax reviews projects as a certain opportunity to save money and minimize risks that could lead to additional taxes. As a result, this leads to tax savings solutions. A team of professionals at Rödl & Partner Lithuania might propose our recommendations for a reduction or full elimination of identified tax risks.

Tax professionals at Rödl & Partner Lithuania provide full–scope services in tax reviews area. In addition, we conduct thematic tax reviews, based on the particular tax or transaction.

Our tax reviews-related services are tailored to clients' individual needs and might cover:

1. A full scope review include the following taxes:

      • Value added tax
      • Corporate income tax
      • Personal income tax
      • State social insurance contributions
      • Environment pollution tax
      • Immovable property tax.


2. Analysis focused on specific tax areas:

  • Deductibility of expenses related to intra-group services
  • Analysis in relation to the fulfilment of conditions to claim certain tax incentives
  • Evaluation of the applied VAT methodology for different types of transactions etc.


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