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Sanctions risk is one of the most significant risks for businesses. There are over 30 EU autonomous and UN transposed sanctions regimes in place globally, especially since the multiple and complex sanctions imposed against Russia in 2022. This illustrates the importance of compliance and identification of risks, which can be numerous. 

Building an effective sanctions compliance program and performing sanctions screening is crucial for international businesses to avoid any negative legal or economic consequences. Sanctions screening is conducted as part of an efficient internal compliance control system to help institutions and operators identify sanctioned individuals and companies, as well as the illegal conduct to which they may be exposed.​​​​​​​​​​​

 What sets Rödl and Partner sanctions compliance services apart and makes them the ideal choice for your needs?

​Rödl & Partner expertise and advisory services simplify your business journey, addressing sanctions and AML issues. We are delighted that our clients appreciate the comprehensive guidance we offer in navigating the subtleties of anti-money laundering and economic sanctions laws:
  • Time- and cost-efficient consulting from one source
  • Central project control
  • Accurate and concise reports, with a "bankable" reporting format and content
  • Faster and more cost-efficient results
  • Decision-relevant analysis
  • Information about and coordination of findings and further actions
  • You remain in control of the work and budget at all times

1. International and Interdisciplinary Team​

At Rödl & Partner, we are proud of a well-coordinated sanctions team, led by Tobias Kohler, the Head of Rödl & Partner Lithuania, with a global reach and diverse expertise. Our international and interdisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding sanctions and AML compliance.

2. Proven Transaction Expertise

With a track record of successful transactions, our team brings forth proven expertise. We navigate the subtleties of financial dealings with precision, providing you with confidence in every step of your business journey.

3. Central Process Control and Coordination

Experience seamless operations through our central process control and coordination. We streamline workflows to enhance efficiency, ensuring that your sanctions and AML-related processes are effectively managed and compliant.

4. Highest Quality Standards

At Rödl & Partner Lithuania​, we uphold the highest quality standards. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that you receive top-tier sanctions-related advisory services, safeguarding your business against potential risks and challenges.

5. Delegated Caretaker

Your business deserves personalized attention. With a delegated caretaker, you can expect tailored solutions and a dedicated point of contact, ensuring that your unique needs are met with precision.

6. Efficiency Through IT Solutions

We leverage technology to optimize processes, providing you with a streamlined and effective approach to sanctions and AML compliance.

Our sanctions and AML team is dedicated to ensuring that your business meets regulatory standards, allowing you to navigate the challenges of sanctions and AML issues with confidence.

 Our Product – ISSACS

Intelligent Sanction Screening And Control Services

Rödl & Partner ISSACS TEAM: International corporate law, customs, sanctions and criminal law expertise from a single source.

Business Partner Due Diligence

  • Determination of risk contacts / hazard potential 
  • Sanctions screening
  • IT-supported sanctions list reconciliation (incl. UBO / shareholder identification)
  • Reputation Check, PEP, Adverse Media Scan, Address Check
  • Due diligence of related parties, banks, investors
  • Evidence and documentation requirements
  • Examination of suspected cases / reporting obligations​

Managed service – sanctions audit and consulting

  • Address database - Data Extraction / IT-supported master data screening
  • Hit evaluation: Immediate information, evaluation and creation of decision bases by sanction experts
  • Evaluation of risk design / allegation of circumvention
  • Goods inspections / customs and export control legal opinions 
  • Legal evaluation, conclusion and recommendation​

​System testing and setup

  • Evaluation of risk designs
  • Internal systems audit
  • Internal documentation and verification
  • Sanction clauses, sales agent obligations, etc. / declarations, proofs, etc.
  • Interface to other CMS topics: Money laundering, data protection, customs, supply chains.

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Michael Manke

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Associate Partner

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Ignas Tamašauskas

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Julius Lastauskas

AML and Sanctions Consultant

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