Organisation and optimisation of accounting



The organisation of accounting requires high-quality, correct and timely disclosure of business transactions, while keeping costs in check. In a wide range of companies, the accounting workload is affected by seasonal fluctuations and irregularly occurring circumstances.

Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to identify areas for improvement in the financial statement preparation process. Our highly-experienced audit team at Rödl & Partner Lithuania will gladly support you to identify areas for potential savings and optimise your process flows beyond the preparation of financial statements. 

Accounting guidelines and reporting 

External reporting requirements cannot only be handled by the accounting division. In fact, it is the accounting department that closely interacts with professionals from other divisions. All professionals in the reporting process must be ready to fulfill these information needs. In addition, the quality of external reporting usually depends on the correct and systematic posting of transactions. In the group-wide standardisation of the preparation of financial statements, the core elements include reporting packages, accounting guidelines and coding policies.


Audit and accounting teams at Rödl & Partner Lithuania will gladly assist you with the implementation and/or revision of reporting packages and accounting guidelines. 


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