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Organisation and optimisation of accounting



The organisation of accounting calls for high-quality, error-free and timely disclosure of business transactions, while keeping costs in check. In many companies, the accounting workload is affected by seasonal fluctuations and irregularly occurring circumstances.
For these reasons, it is particularly important for companies to identify areas for improvement in the financial statement preparation process (organisation, process flows aided by IT systems). We are happy to help you pinpoint areas for potential savings and optimise your process flows beyond the preparation of financial statements. 

Accounting guidelines and reporting packages

External reporting requirements cannot only be satisfied by the accounting department. Rather, it is the accounting department that strongly relies on information from various other departments. All “suppliers” in the reporting process must be geared up to fulfill these information needs. In addition, the quality of external reporting depends greatly on the correct and systematic posting of transactions. In the group-wide standardisation of the preparation of financial statements, the central elements include reporting packages, accounting guidelines and coding policies (including group-wide account systems). 


We will gladly support you with the implementation and/or revision of reporting packages and accounting guidelines. On request, we develop specific, group-wide account coding and bookkeeping guidelines based on your ERP system for a standard-compliant posting of transactions. 


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