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Business valuation services



Rödl & Partner in Lithuania provides comprehensive support in all aspects of business valuation. Our team of experts carries out valuations of entire companies and shares.


There are many reasons to conduct a business valuation, the majority of which are associated with legal or contractual provisions as well as commercial considerations related to all types of transaction. Please feel free to contact our experts – depending on the reason of your valuation, we will gladly assist you as consultants or neutral experts. In this way, we are able to develop for you goal-oriented valuation solutions at any time.


Tailored business valuation services 

We customise our business valuation services to suit your individual needs. Rödl & Partner supports you from the first brainstorming sessions for your contemplated acquisition or disposal transaction, conducts a preliminary, simplified business valuation in order to evaluate your investment or divestment decision and/or determines, following a comprehensive plausibility assessment of your business plan, your personal threshold price (maximum purchase price / minimum sales price).
In all valuation solutions, we naturally take into account current legislation and (professional) standards. Where necessary, we can also address matters outside the scope of business valuation by consulting our colleagues from our further service lines.


Our business valuation services in details:

Valuations of companies and company shares:

  • Valuation of contemplated business transactions
  • Acquisition and disposal
  • Merger and cooperation
  • Capital injection
  • Fairness opinion.


Valuations for contractual arrangements: 

  • Shareholder entry and exit
  • Severance pay according to company law
  • Inheritance disputes.


Statutory valuations:

  • Conclusion of profit transfer agreements and control agreements
  • Integration
  • Expropriation
  • Tax reasons.


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Aleksas Jonika

Head of Audit Department

+370 5 212 35 90

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