Work-life balance



We are aware that family life is of key importance for a successful career and that creativity, imagination, flexibility, the ability to work efficiently and career motivation are directly influenced by private factors.

Therefore, we aim to create such workplace conditions which allow our colleagues to optimally combine their family life with their professional duties. Taking numerous well-coordinated measures, we never cease to do our best to achieve a flexible and family-friendly work environment.


In doing so, we pay no heed to traditional gender-specific roles: our experience shows that family life is becoming more and more important also for career planning of male employees. The personal commitment of our employees proves that we are right on this point: not only female but also male colleagues holding various positions in our firm formed a project team dedicated to translating our vision of a family-friendly firm into action.

Our measures to create a family-friendly work environment 

To be able to effectively implement our vision, we have put together work packages, each of which is executed by a relevant project team. 


Today, we offer a wide array of innovative solutions to all our employees who want to have it all: a family life and a successful career. We can already boast first tangible results of our efforts:

  • we provided nursery and kindergarten places for our employees at the head office in Nuremberg and entered into cooperations with various child care facilities at other locations;
  • we offer a flexible organisation of the workplace and working times in exceptional family situations;
  • we keep employees on parental leave posted on everyday firm affairs and support them with their professional development during a leave, in order to ease their return to work.


Additionally, it is essential that employees' children participate in events organised by Rödl & Partner: for this reason, our annual “Sports Day” has been successfully expanded to become “Sports and Family Day” featuring a programme for children.


Opportunities for employees are opportunities for the firm 

The aim of our measures is to open up career opportunities for motivated employees at all stages of their lives. In the long term, our efforts should at least contribute to changing the way people think outside the office walls: we hope that what we pioneer today will be an obvious part of the work environment in the future. Especially in the case of our “liberal professions”, where a high level of personal involvement is required, a great deal of effort must be made both by employees and by the firm.


If an employee can successfully strike a balance between career and family, the benefits will go not only to the employee, but in the end – also to the firm: we profit from the know-how, long-term experience and social skills of our colleagues even when they are confronted with an increased number of family commitments. It is a perfect win-win situation and a key success factor in our services sector that is based on personal advice.


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