Personal and professional development at Rödl & Partner Lithuania: The sky is the limit


“Everything you need to succeed is already inside you – you just have to access your inner-power and make it happen”, says Julija Shershneva, newly promoted Head of BPO department at Rödl & Partner Lithuania. Almost 10 years, dedicated to the company, clients and colleagues, self-challenging in different positions and total devotion to the job – this is all about Julija, who kindly agreed to share with us a recipe for her career success at Rödl & Partner Lithuania.



Let‘s come back to the very beginning of your career path at Rödl & Partner Lithuania. What were the initial responsibilities assigned to you?

 Well, I joined Rödl & Partner in Lithuania on the 2nd November 2012. Previously, I have been on maternity leave and played a mom‘s role − one of the most responsible roles within woman‘s life. At the beginning I was working as an accountant. Actually, I was given a portfolio of respective clients and asked to take responsibility for the full accounting of the assigned clients. Prior to this, I was acting as an accountants' assistant. Thus, I am so grateful to my previous managers for their trust in my professional capabilities almost ten years ago, by providing me real opportunities to take responsibilities and grow as a professional working with a wide range of companies.


Do you still remember your first day at the office? What sort of impressions on the company and colleagues have you experienced then?

Since some time ago, I have been working for AHK (German – Baltic Chamber of Commerce), I heard a lot about Rödl & Partner in general, as Rödl & Partner has been one of the initial AHK members. 

Of course, I do remember my first day in the office. It is unforgettable. First of all, I was impressed by a welcoming team. Secondly, I felt myself comfortably in a psychological way, and finally − I understood immediately that I was in the right place from the very first day. I was so happy for being trusted, in spite of the fact I was a young unexperienced accountant.


Have you seen yourself in a role of an accountant/financier in your early youth? Why have you decided to choose such a profession?

Actually, I have always been more focused on the humanities rather than mathematics or related sciences. In my visions I have seen myself as the best history teacher at the secondary school. However, life has offered me interesting opportunities. So, I am glad that I have chosen an accountant‘s profession.


Are there any joyful or even funny memorable moments you have experienced together with your team? Would you like to share them with us?

There are lots of joyful moments, indeed. Our colleagues supported some of my crazy ideas from the beginning. For example, on a weekly basis my colleague an myself stick different motivational notes on the wall. Also, we make birthday decorations and decorate a jubiliat‘s desk and/or the entire room. Once we have arrived to the office very early, decorated a jubiliat‘s from other department room and left sticky notes with funny wishes everywhere. It makes me smile that within five years the jubiliat has not identified the organizers of such a surprise. 


How dramatically have your assignments changed over the years?

I would say that in general my assignments and responsibilities have changed at least four times. For a long time I have been acting as an accountant in charge of full accounting of the clients. Additionally, I took over the internal accounting of Rödl & Partner UAB and Roedl & Partner APB in Lithuania. Afterwards, I have been promoted to  Accounting project manager. At the end of 2019 my direct manager has left the company, so, I took over her responsibilities as a Deputy head of the Outsourcing department. In 2022, my role has changed for the 4th time. I was appointed to  the Head of the Outsourcing department in Lithuania.

For the consecutive years you have been leading the accounting division in Lithuania as a deputy head.


What is a favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of the job is related to the successful implementation of new accounting projects as well as the increase of staff motivation.


Please define yourself as a professional in five words.

Hyper-responsible, flexible, impressionable, multitasking, loyal.


You have been promoted to as the head of accounting/BPO department recently. What does this mean to you? What major purposes have you set up for yourself as a leader?

I truly believe that the title of a position is not a matter of an importance. The quality of your performance matters. I will proceed with ensuring the smooth internal activity of the BPO department. At the moment, my main goal is to set up a strong team of professionals and enforce quality control, as well as to improve the organisational structure of the department. In addition, I prefer focusing on the quality and visibility of our services.


Julija, your successful career at Rödl & Partner Lithuania is an inspiring and motivating example to all young specialists and students starting their initial professional journey. How would you define the most successful factors that helped you to reach your own professional heights?

If you are willing to seek something you have never experienced before, you should try to do something you have never tried. As regards to my personal situation, there were no any surprises, no career jumps or anything like that. I have just simply started from the initial professional level, I  have also worked hard enough. Permanent learning and a self-development has also been a very important in my career. Last but not the least – I have made various types of mistakes, corrected them. To my mind, good quality of your performance, your strong motivation and a great supervisor assigned to you are the key factors for your future success.


What would you like to wish for your team and yourself?

I would like to wish for myself and for my team huge strength, motivation, enthusiasm and energy to become a better version of ourselves.


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