5 years professional anniversary: Time flies if you are having fun in everything you do



For the consecutive five years, every morning our team has been warmly welcomed by smiling Evelina, Office Manager at Rödl & Partner Lithuania. Happy fifth work anniversary, Evelina! On this occassion, Evelina kindly shares her thoughts about devotion towards work, professional challenges, hobbies and joy of life.


What was your initial impressions about the company and employees after starting your professional journey at Rödl & Partner Lithuania?

Actually, I was extremely warmly welcomed by the team at Vilnius office. For this reason, I managed to adapt very quickly with no stress at all. A few months later, I felt myself in a way like I had been working here for ages.


Overall, pleasant atmosphere is one of the core positive factors within the company. Meanwhile, strong mutual cooperation and permanent willingness to help each other in daily situations inspires me to go the extra miles. 


Evelina, a smooth office administration is one of your responsibilities.  What major challenges do you face by seeking to ensure that administrative activities run efficiently ?

Since the administrator is a link connecting separate departments, she/he must be able to handle stressful situations, create pleasant atmosphere and, at the same time, to stay flexible. Since there is no an IT specialist on-site, I often have to deal with various IT issues. Actually, once I have heard an awesome statement about administrators and office managers at the local conference. It is a person of the orchestra - as a conductor, tackling with lots of responsibilities at the same time and staying professional, pleasant and helpful. I think this definition best describes an administrator’s role at the company.

What makes you happy at work?

The most rewarding thing is the smiles of the staff. Every day is so different and unpredictable, leading to  various situations to deal with. Successful management of daily challenges makes me feel more confident and motivates for further improvement. It is a huge pleasure to feel colleagues’ trust in various cases, especially when they ask for a piece of advice. All of us work together in order to find a proper solution.

Apart from your daily assignments at work, you are also involved in respective social responsible activities within your spare time. Tell us more about your contribution to  a social responsibility field.

As I love reading and learning about the culture of respective countries, I volunteer several times a month at the local bookstore, where everyone is welcome to look around a miraculous world of second-hand books, souvenirs, postcards, etc. The Coziness and exceptional products make the bookstore an attractive spot for locals and tourists alike. 


In addition, I am taking a  part in the "Meet a Local" program for free. Recently, Vilnius has expanded its volunteer-based hospitality program in order to assure more authentic tourist experience. Tourists might be served by volunteers in two ways – either meet friendly locals for a chat or get various recommendations, tips and tricks for their comfortable staying in Vilnius.

What inspires you to stay such an energetic and smiling lady, spreading out a positive energy to everyone around you? Any mysterious recipe?

I sincerely believe in one truth - if you go to your job with a full heart of joy and positive emotions, every day will reward you with special moments, energy and productivity. Of course, a positive feedback and gratitude expressed by everyone around you, also inspires to overcome the biggest challenges and reach out your dreams.

Evelina, is there any slogan that motivates you to do your best and go the extra miles in meeting your personal and professional objectives?

Enjoy every day of your life and say "YES" to various challenges.​


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