15 years professional anniversary: Life is like accounting – everything must be balanced


15 years work anniversary is not only a milestone. It is an awesome result of a long professional journey, containing lots of challenges and nice memorable moments. Accountant at Rödl & Partner Lithuania, Jelena Drisvenina, just turned 15th work anniversary and kindly agreed to share her thoughts and feelings about this special occasion.

Dear Jelena, how would you define your current feelings on your 15th years work anniversary? What does this mean to you personally? 

Well, of course, the 15th years anniversary is extremely special for me because it illustrates my long professional journey, containing a mixture of ups and downs, meeting new and interesting people and offering me attractive professional opportunities. I am so grateful to my managers and colleagues for their trust in me and for such fantastic time together. Being granted with a possibility to learn and focus on self-development all the mentioned period of time, led me to be the one I am at the moment. Really appreciate that. 

Let's get back 15 years ago to the very beginning of your career at Rödl & Partner Lithuania. Do you remember your initial impressions about the atmosphere in the office? 

Oh yes. My memories are so fresh as it would had happened a couple of days ago. I felt myself quite in a modest and cautious way while stepping into a relatively young team. My major wish was related to smooth adaptation. In addition, I wanted to become a supportive and valuable part of the entire team and add the value to the firm and our clients. Overall, daily cooperation with a young team of professionals was a strong motivator and inspiration for myself to improve and move forward.

Nowadays, employees tend to change their jobs frequently. As an employee who devoted  fifteen years to the company, could you please share with us your considerations and thoughts about the major advantage of working here, at Rödl & Partner Lithuania? What makes Rödl & Partner an attractive employer  in terms of you? 

As per myself, a sense of stability and safety at work is relevant. I mean that every time I faced some professional issues here, at Rödl & Partner, I used to be supported by colleagues immediately. I strongly believe that our company is an attractive employer because of people-centric approach. Here, all employees are being valued and treasured.

What is your favourite part of accounting assignments?

In 2007,  once I started my professional journey at Rödl & Partner Lithuania, payroll calculation was one of the main assignments of mine. It stills remains one of my core of interest field in accounting.

How has your own attitude towards the accounting profession changed over the last 15 years? Do you think the accountant‘s profession is getting more attractive? 

Firstly, accounting is an integral part of my life. Secondly, my positive attitude towards this profession is gradually increasing  within the consecutive years. Finally, no one will argue that accounting plays an important part in everyone's life. You should have heard a quote "Life is like accounting: everything must be balanced."

Jelena, overall you have been working as an accountant for more than 30 years. Would you encourage young people to choose an accountant‘s profession or, vice versa, discourage them from doing so? 

I have started working in the accounting field in early 1990.  It means that more than a half of my life has been dedicated to this profession. How could I discourage the youth to choose the accounting. Not at all! I would encourage young people to choose this sort of profession, especially the ones, having an analytical skills and preferring precision as well as having a strong sense of responsibility. Nowadays, there are many ways for self-development and improvement. All you need is your energy and determination.

What would you like to wish for yourself on the 15th professional anniversary? 

Let me think... I would like to wish for myself lots of strength in order to bring a value to our company  many years ahead as well as make our staff happy on calculated payroll on time (just joking a bit).​


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