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10 years professional anniversary: excellent time for establishing new long-term goals


“Usually a smart professional accountant foresees his/her future until the next annual financial statement”, smiles Julija Shershneva, Head of BPO at Rödl & Partner Lithuania. Despite this, today Julija celebrates her 10 years work anniversary at the company and focuses on new challenges and long-term goals.

Dear Julija, what does your 10th professional anniversary at Rödl & Partner mean to you personally?

Well, first of all, it means that I am not a young unexperienced lady any longer who has just graduated from the university (joking). Seriously, it is not just about an ordinary anniversary, it is about an extremely important further step for me personally. To my mind, the 10th years professional journey might be an excellent opportunity to remember the most challenging situations and set up new long-term goals for myself. I am so grateful everyone at Rödl & Partner, starting from my colleagues, managers and, of course, our customers. All of them played a significant role in my career path by supporting, guiding, challenging me as a young professional. Within the last ten years we have achieved a lot and, hopefully, have added value to our company.

What do you particularly appreciate about Rödl & Partner?

Undoubtedly, the people/employees stand for the main value of every single organization and we are not an exception. Here, at Rödl & Partner Lithuania, we do have a great, curious and friendly team, consisting of dedicated enthusiasts who definitely love their profession. For the sake of common objectives, our specialists from different fields and usually from different countries come together as one team. This is a great way of motivation, inspiration and willingness to go the extra miles.

How would you introduce yourself to others in 10 words? 

In this case, it is quite complicated to define myself in ten words. Basically, ten words are either too less or even too many in order to introduce myself properly. Briefly, I am a person with all my weaknesses and strengths. Also, I would say I am an idealism enthusiast who still believes in people and prefers changing the world.

What major challenge and the most inspiring moment would you remember within your journey at Rödl & Partner?

Usually, there are permanent mixture of ups and downs in the company you are working for. In such cases, your leader’s position and role is very significant. If the leader supports your vision and your belief in success, the confidence in yourself, as a professional and a future leader, is growing up rapidly. I am happy indeed that I had a privilege to meet professional, inspiring and success-driven leaders during my journey at Rödl & Partner. 

As per challenges and complex situations, I remember that my initial challenge was to get employed by Rödl & Partner 10 years ago. I am glad that I succeeded then.  On the one hand, I have faced lots of different challenges and personal doubts, but on the other hand, each overcoming of challenges stands for a tiny victory. It makes you stronger and more experienced. For example, three years ago, public speaking and dealing with clients was a huge challenge for myself, but self-concentration and support from the management led me to the right direction and helped me to overcome my fears. So, I am grateful for the company for trusting, educating  and guiding through complicated situations.

Let’s fantasize a bit. How would you see yourself in the next 10 years? 

Oh, ten years is quite a long time… Well, according to my colleagues, a professional accountant foresees his/her future until the upcoming annual financial statement. Despite this, I sincerely wish to myself to be proud of my work by starting each working day with curiosity and confidence.

Would you mind to share with us a favourite quote/motto that guides you through your professional and personal life?

I have got a couple of mottos, leading me through my personal and professional journey: 
  • "Never give up, the beginning is always the hardest". 
  • "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". 
  • "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get".


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