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Trademarks, designs, patents, copyright or know-how: intellectual property (IP) stands for uniqueness and technological advancement and is thus a critical factor for long-term commercial success. The protection and defence of your intellectual property is therefore of central importance.


Successful, innovative ideas and products are also a breeding ground for counterfeiting, piracy and plagiarism. Their threat is ever-present. Protection of your intellectual property and its systematic defence can prevent copycats from cutting ahead of you, especially in extremely competitive markets.


Our tailor-made intellectual property consulting services 

We support you globally by helping you build and expand a tailor-made intellectual property portfolio and enforcing the systematic exploitation of your IP rights. In doing so, we strive for efficient legal prosecution of any infringers and counterfeiters and assist you in the utilisation of your intellectual property rights through licensing strategies or co-operation in the areas of distribution and research & development.
With our interdisciplinary and international approach to copyright and industrial property law, we are able to offer you one-stop-shop consulting services and assistance also in the context of business formation and transactions as well as tax planning models involving issues relevant to intellectual property rights.
Rödl & Partner has a seasoned team of attorneys with longstanding experience in all fields of intellectual property as well as copyright and ownership rights. To ensure that your IP rights are managed and protected worldwide in an efficient manner and in conformity with uniform quality standards, we cooperate with numerous intellectual property law firms on a permanent basis.
We offer you the following services:


Strategy consulting: 

      • Intellectual property portfolio development
      • Optimisation and restructuring of existing IP portfolios
      • Preventive strategies to avoid IP right infringements with regard to advertising and launching products
      • IP compliance
      • Assistance in any issues of trademark law
      • IP consulting on business transaction.


National and international IP rights management: 

  • Trademark registrations
    Industrial design registrations
  • Coordination of IP right registrations worldwide
  • Renewal and monitoring of deadlines, re-registrations
  • Documentation including drawing up of status reports
  • Registration and administration of domains worldwide.


Defence and safeguarding of IP rights: 

  • Representation in the context of cease-and-desist letters, preliminary injunctions and infringement lawsuits
  • Worldwide trademark conflict monitoring
    Investigation of IP rights infringements and internet monitoring
  • Protest and cancellation procedures
  • Customs detention
  • Safeguarding of rights to employee inventions
  • Representation in domain name dispute resolution procedures.


Exploitation of IP rights: 

  • Trademark and design license agreements
  • Copyright and software license agreements
  • Patent license agreements and technology transfer
  • Coexistence agreements
  • Development and cooperation agreements
  • Publishing contracts
  • Transfer and sale of IP rights
  • IP consulting on business transactions. 


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