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Rödl & Partner Lithuania provided legal advisory services to the German capital company Nokera Sourcing LT



Nokera Sourcing LT, the German capital company, recently has signed a major project investment agreement with the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania. Rödl & Partner Lithuania played a legal advisor's role by providing a wide range of professional legal services.


As a result, Nokera plans to invest over EUR 40 million in the construction of its‘ new factory in Rudamina, Vilnius district, and set up 300 new workplaces over the next few years. In general, this is only the sixth investment project in Lithuania to be awarded with a significant major project status.


According to Liudgardas Maculevičius, Attorney-at-law in charge of legal advisory services to Nokera, the negotiations between Nokera and the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania went operatively and smoothly. “My sincere greetings go to Nokera on the successful stage of the project”, says Liudgardas.


“The signed agreement will allow the client to benefit from the investment incentives, such as a 0 per cent corporate income tax rate for up to 20 years. Overall, it is encouraging that more and more global leading manufacturing companies are discovering Lithuania and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania is providing proper tools for the promotion of foreign direct investment”, summarizes L. Maculevičius.


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