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In case of an acquisition and/or sales of shares or business, it is crucial to evaluate the tax consequences of such transaction. Tax and finance professionals at Rödl & Partner Lithuania analyse and assess tax risks associated with the target company as they may lead to financial obligations to fiscal authorities and check whether sufficient provisions were made to account for such risks. As a result, our accurate analysis provides detailed information, which is relevant to the calculation of the purchase/sale price and the structuring of the transaction agreement.


A team of competent tax and finance experts at Rödl & Partner Lithuania, determines the current tax status of your target company, identifies its tax risks and provides advice on how to optimally structure your planned transaction.


Our tax and finance experts at Rödl & Partner Lithuania:

  • Identify business/company historical tax risks
  • Assess unused tax opportunities
  • Present the tax policy, tax risk management, tax calculation and reporting in an attractive way
  • Understand the impact of risks and opportunities on the transaction and its price
  • Choose the right representations and warranties in the sale and purchase agreement.

Our entire team of financial specialists, headed by Nora Vitkūnienė, is at your disposal.


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Head of Tax Department

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