Individual tax planning



As a specialized tax consulting company, we have extensive experience in assisting clients with their personal tax compliance affairs that also covers other taxes to be paid by individuals.


Besides, for individuals and families that have achieved a substantial level of prosperity and, therefore, have complex financial needs, we are offering expert advice. Effective tax planning and consulting are essential in this process and it is important to ensure that their tax affairs are properly planned and maintained.


Our services includes:

  • Advises on taxation of Lithuanian and foreign individuals’ income in Lithuania
  • Consultations on tax residency related issues
  • Preparation and submission personal tax returns, immovable property tax returns and other required reports
  • Monitoring the status of our clients’ compliance obligations
  • Communication with the taxation authorities on your behalf to obtain responses and corrective action when necessary
  • Registration of self-employed persons, their obligations and taxation of income from business activities of a self-employed person
  • Registration as a taxpayer in Lithuania for the other purposes
  • Advises on international tax structures and the impacts
  • Avoidance of double taxation etc.


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Nora Vitkūnienė

Head of Tax Department

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+370 5 212 35 90

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