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Legal tech and digitalisation



Around the world digitalisation has already led to extensive and far-reaching changes in society and the economy. It does not stop in one sector and as a macrosocial phenomenon includes many different facets, participants and areas of responsibility – for private persons as well as for companies and traditional business models. Expressions such as Industry 4.0, disruption, or, in general terms, the digital transformation, indicate how wide the field has become.


Legal Tech – exploiting the possibilities of digitalisation in the area of legal advisory 

Legal Tech is a natural consequence of the digital transformation of the economy as a whole. In keeping with the strategy of our Digital Agenda, Legal Tech is also not an isolated theme, but has to be embedded in particular from a legal point of view in the digital context of Law 4.0. Questions in relation to cyber security, liability law, media law issues or key technologies such as the blockchain can be answered in close collaboration with our specialist teams. The focus of our consulting solutions is always on tangible benefits for the client.


Seamless integration in the digital transformation process 

In the course of their digital transformation, companies, alongside legal issues, also face additional challenges such as extensive change processes. In the ideal case, Legal Tech solutions fit seamlessly into the transformation map of the client as well as the client’s operational requirements. In addition to case-related advisory services, it is important that general market knowledge and a profound understanding of digital processes contribute to a solution. Rödl & Partner therefore focuses on an active exchange with technical business units among its service lines, in order to provide an optimal bundling of professional services and technical implementation expertise.


Focus on people and the client – empathy and collaboration 

In addition to top technological solutions, you naturally also receive a personal service and can depend on an adviser at your side that communicates at eye level. Rödl & Partner is able to draw on a wealth of experience from its interdisciplinary and international work, and – last but not least –its extensive in-house IT expertise. Our firm culture is based on the concept of the enterprising caring partner who shows initiative and takes on responsibility. This strategy has also proven itself in the current era of highly dynamic digital change.


Working together – to realise business potential 

We can safely assume that many familiar value chains in a company will also continue to be subject to considerable change. At the same time the process of digitalisation offers undreamt of business potential and in many cases the possibility of an exponential success rate. This frequently means that companies are operating in a new area, which gives rise to legal issues. The complexity and implications of these issues require access to a specialised consultant, a professional who can also simultaneously contribute with excellent intercultural and interdisciplinary skills.
This enables the concentration of resources on the most important areas, the differentiation between hype themes and real trends and the ability to spot and seize creative solutions in a rapidly changing market – i.e. acting entrepreneurially. 


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