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Audit of operational processes and internal control systems



Although voluntary audits are not prescribed by law, they can contribute to the success of your company. The scope of information your stakeholders require has significantly changed both in quantitative and qualitative terms. To ensure that you meet the (ever) stricter company reporting requirements, we offer you with our voluntary audit a number of modern additional services.

Voluntary audit for reliable reporting

For capital market-oriented companies and others alike, the reliability of your external reporting is of particular importance. With voluntary audits, Rödl & Partner can help you avoid misstatements in your monthly, quarterly or semi-annual reports, thus looking out for the best interests of all stakeholders.

Voluntary audit – all central figures at a glance

The commissioning of a voluntary audit despite the absence of an audit obligation does not have to be contradictory. An auditor's assessment of the correctness of company accounts is an invaluable source of support for shareholders and supervisory bodies, helping them fulfil their monitoring function. Voluntary audits can also be employed to confirm the reliability of your financial statements to your financial partners.     

  • Content: What kind of information is required?
  • Reliability: What degree of reliability of the audit outcome is necessary?
  • Expectations: What are the information needs of the stakeholders?


Audits tailored to your individual needs

Based on the needs analysis, we perform comprehensive voluntary audits, individually agreed upon audit activities or provide you with expert opinions. These provide a sound basis for your and your stakeholders’ future decision-making and ensure compliance with statutory requirements and contractual arrangements. In doing so, we take into account economic feasibility aspects and competitive costs. In the scope of our audit activities, we get to know your company “inside out”. In this process, we also pinpoint critical areas that can be flagged as risky to the success of your business.


Our audit experts advise you comprehensively and individually, e.g. on the following matters: 

  • Audit reviews
  • Business process and internal control system audits
  • Audit of risk management and monitoring systems
  • Audit of compliance
  • Management systems
  • Audit of restructuring concepts
  • Embezzlement audits.


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